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My Mission and Me

Hello, My name is Ben, I am a 25 year old Permaculture and environmental enthusiast.

I live in sunny Queensland, Australia and have been studying and practicing Permaculture and ecological landscaping for a few years now and I am here today to provide information and lessons on all of the beautiful things that permaculture and land care have to offer.

On this page I plan to cover a wide range of topics that will help you get on your way to becoming more eco-friendly, to provide food for yourself, family and neighbours and how we can all make a positive difference to our environment.

Why am i doing this?

  • I want to see our beautiful planet return to its former glory.
  • I want to help to educate those who do not have the time or money for courses.
  • I love the art of growing.. Whether it be plants, trees, food or spirituality

So a little bit about me and my dreams. I have been working in the landscaping industry for three years now, In this time my passion for nature and our planet has grown exponentially. I’ve planted hundreds of trees, started my own backyard nursery, and spent countless hours researching ways to grow my own organic food, propagate plants, germinate seeds, make healing tinctures and oils, create black gold, companion planting and lots lots more, and i want to share all of this knowledge with you. My dream is to one day own my very own piece of land where i can start from scratch and develop a permaculture farm and education centre.

If you are interested in:

  • Growing healthy organic produce.
  • Learning about landcare and how we play a major part.
  • Making medicinal tinctures, oils, salves and balms.
  • Raising healthy chickens.
  • Utilising small urban areas for abundant growth.
  • Companion planting.
  • Or like me, anything permaculture related

Then please stay tuned and don’t forget to subscribe for all of my posts and updates about my adventures, misadventures, achievements and mistakes as i embark on my Journey of Growth within the permaculture lifestyle and organic farming industry.

Lessons on Permaculture and Health

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